Outdoor photos not only capture the glory of nature, they also allow you to use the natural beauty of the outdoors as the perfect photo backdrop for portraits and family photos. And Fall offers some of nature’s most stunning views and backdrops. Here are some tips for taking advantage of this season’s natural beauty for great fall photos.

Tips for Great Fall Photos

fall photo

1. Scout Out Great Locations

Fall is a great time to drive around and explore what nature has to offer in your area. Take a hike through the woods to find colorful Fall foliage. Or check out your local waterways. Streams, lakes, and ponds become magical in crisp Fall weather. And can make a magnificent photo by themselves or as a backdrop for a portrait.

twilight fall photo

2. Choose the Perfect Time of Day

The location of the sun can have a huge impact on your Fall photos. Be aware of the sun’s location throughout the day and the effect this has on your light. Sunsets get earlier throughout the season and can be a lovely time to take a Fall photo. The light and color during the Fall season are often best at sunrise or sunset. Check your phone for exact times for the best shots.


3. Understand Your Camera Settings

Take some time to learn how to operate your camera and adjust the settings before taking your Fall photos. Most cameras, including cell phone cameras, have the ability to manually adjust your exposure and a variety of other settings that can make a big difference in the quality of your photos. Don’t be afraid to put your settings on manual and play around with different lighting and color contrast for perfect Fall photos.

pumpkin pacth

4. There’s More to See Than Leaves

When it comes to Fall photos most people go straight to leaves but this season offers much more for a creative photographer! Take your family apple picking or to a pumpkin patch for some fantastic photos. Even a hayride or a haunted house can make for a fun photo session. And don’t forget to have your kids record their memories of the outing along with the photos on your Keepy app!

baby in fall leaves

5. Be Spontaneous!

Taking great Fall photos is about more than scouting the perfect location at the perfect time of day. Some of the best photos happen spontaneously. Are your kids jumping into the pile of leaves you just raked? Or did your spouse come up with craziest Halloween costume? Take some spontaneous action shots! And share the fun with your family by adding your great Fall photos and stories to Keepy.

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