Throughout life, each of us will amass a collection of memorabilia, artwork, school projects, and photographs that remind us of our history and all of the never to be forgotten moments we want to preserve in a tangible way. When we neglect to organize these cherished items, they can quickly become a disorganized mess. But how do you organize all of these mementos? And how do you preserve them in the event of an accident or natural disaster? Check out these 5 tips for organizing photos and memorabilia to preserve your memories.

5 Tips For Organizing Photos and Memorabilia

Organizing Photos and Memorabilia

1. Decide What to Keep

Chances are one of the motivations behind organizing your memorabilia is the need to free up storage space. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to establish some criteria for what you plan to keep.

As you sort your memorabilia consider placing items into three categories, things to keep, things to give away, and things to toss out. When deciding what to keep, choose the memorabilia that is most meaningful to you and that you expect will be meaningful for years to come.

While you’re organizing, you may find keepsakes that will mean more to someone else than they do to you. When you come across those things don’t hesitate to pass them on to loved ones that will cherish them. And of course, anything that no longer has sentimental value should be discarded.

2. Plan Your Storage

If limited space is a factor in your decision to organize memorabilia now is a great time to assess your storage. Could you make better use of your space with stackable storage tubs or photo boxes? Or save space by scanning memorabilia for electronic storage? Figure out the best use for your space. And don’t keep more than you can reasonably store. A space limitation can actually be helpful when prioritizing what you truly want to keep.

Organizing Photos and Memorabilia

3. Give Yourself Time

Organizing memorabilia can be an overwhelming task. Not only will it likely take some time but it is also often an emotional experience. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy going through your old keepsakes and deciding what you need to keep.

4. Get the Whole Family Involved

If you’re sorting memorabilia for your entire family make sure to involve them in the process. Something that isn’t important to you may have deep meaning for another family member. And the process of sorting things together gives you a chance to reminisce while you tackle the task of organizing photos and memorabilia.

digitally store memorabilia

5. Make It Digital

The ability to digitally store memorabilia is a huge advantage over the albums and photo boxes of generations past. And with the ability to scan old photos and family keepsakes you can electronically store almost your entire memorabilia collection. Your kids’ artwork, school work, diplomas, birth announcements and other important papers can all be scanned and preserved digitally.

Organizing digital memorabilia can be a big project on its own. One simple way to organize these electronic treasures is with the Keepy app. One of the things that make Keepy unique is it organizes your family’s memories in an ordered, private timeline. And Keepy can save more than just memorabilia, it can also preserve the story behind each keepsake. The app allows you to record voice and video narration to make each memory more meaningful.

Preserving Keepsakes in the Event of Accident or Natural Disaster

If you ever had to leave your home because of an accident or natural disaster, what would you take with you? Would you have room for all your boxes of memorabilia or your important papers? Or would you have to leave them behind?

One benefit of organizing memorabilia digitally is the ability to backup your memories in the cloud, preserving them in the event of an accident or disaster. For instance, with the Keepy app, anything you add to your account will be secure and accessible on any device. Because of the irreplaceable nature of memorabilia, digital storage can provide priceless peace of mind.

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