Cool Garage Ideas for Storage, Organization, and Decluttering to Make Your Dream Garage



The garage is usually the first place where we store items that we don’t want inside our living space. Artwork, keepsakes, boxes, clothes, and other items make their way to the garage. In this article, we explore cool garage ideas that will help you make your garage space clutter free. 

Have you seen the episode of the ABC show “The Goldbergs” where Jeff Garlin’s character parks his car in the garage?




Garage organization can be a time when the entire family comes together to organize the garage, decide what to keep and what to throw away, and bond over the process. In fact, all you need for this process are some garage organization tips and tricks. Some of these tips can evolve into DIY projects, or they can be used for simple organizational ideas. 

An Organization Activity for the Family


Organization and decluttering are processes of giving order to disorder. Organizating does not have to be a chore or a tedious exercise. In fact, your dream garage project can be a time to deepen your connection with your children, teach them the value of organization and housework, and bond with your family as you implement your garage ideas. 

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Organization and decluttering can actually be pleasant activities. Sure, sometimes it’s hard work to organize the garage and throw unnecessary items away. But the process of cleaning your garage space will bring you joy and freedom. As a result, it’s also a moment where your kids can learn how to organize and how to embark on DIY projects. It’s a moment to deepen your bond as a family with some cool garage ideas. 


Cool Garage Ideas #1: The Wonderful World of Bins

Bins take garage storage to another level. Bins allow you to store odd-shaped and bulky items in one convenient spot. You can use a combination of transparent and non-transparent bins for various items. Transparent bins allow you to see what’s inside and have easier access to your items.



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If you use non-transparent bins, consider using labels or colored, permanent markers to label each bin. Stackable bins make it easy to organize containers of various sizes. If you live in an area with severe weather patterns where water or cold temperatures may affect your items, try using watertight bins to keep all your items safe.


Cool Organization Ideas #2: Hang Items by Category


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Any cool garage idea must having hanging items and storage. Most walls in the garage are empty, since items are usually stacked on the floor. Having a utility organization board or pegboard for your tools will allow you to see all of your tools and most importantly keep them in one place.

If you have many containers, build a sturdy shelf with adequate support where you can stack your containers. Storage ideas are sometimes about improvisation, so wherever you have free space in the garage, consider making room for shelves and for items that can be hung up.


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Depending on your budget, garage storage can be taken in many directions. Home Depot and other home improvement stores offer custom garage organization systems. Some of these systems are pricey. If these systems are outside of your budget, use them as inspiration. Notice their configurations and their layouts. You can replicate these systems with a DIY project. Lumber and stud finders can all be purchased at much cheaper prices than an entire garage organization system.


Cool Storage Ideas #3: Handling Sentimental Items

Let’s face it: we often put our children’s artwork, schoolwork, and photos in the garage. We also store our family heirlooms and keepsakes there too. To have your clean, dream garage, it’s important to sort through these memories. This organizational task can be an activity for the whole family. As a team, go through each memory and create piles. One pile for throw-away items, and one pile for storage. (If you want an in-depth article covering the origins of decluttering and tidying, check out one of our recent articles; in this article, we also cover some wonderful tips for decluttering photos and other keepsakes.)


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Any cool garage idea project must begin with organizing and decluttering. As you sort through your memories, you’ll most likely have to decide what to throw away and what to keep. Ask yourself: what’s the use of having your child’s artwork, schoolwork, and photos collecting dust in storage bins?


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Keepy allows you to organize, save, and share all your memories. Most conveniently, all these memories are stored digitally on Keepy’s app, available for iOS and Android. With all these keepsakes in Keepy’s app, your family members can appreciate these memories by leaving voice and video recordings or personalized notes. Keep the most important memories in a dedicated container, but with the items you don’t need, consider throwing them out. If you’d like more information, read about the cool benefits of Keepy’s app here


Cool storage ideas #4: Kitchen Jars for Storage

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Most kitchens have many empty glass jars. Empty pickle containers, or everyday kitchen jars, can help you in many ways with your dream garage. Since these glass jars are usually transparent, consider labeling each jar and dedicating each jar to store nails, electrical caps, and other little odds and ends. 


Cool organization ideas #5: Magnetic Strips for Tools and Drill Bits


If you’ve assembled IKEA furniture, or any type of furniture that requires assembly, you’ll probably have a garage with various drill bits, Allen wrenches, and hex bits laying around. With this in mind, to organize these bits, all you need are some magnetic strips, which can be secured to a wooden block. Organize all your little tool bits by function or type. Magnetic strips are sold in various sizes, so you can make each block as short or as long as you need.

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Most garage ideas should account for little pieces that lay around in garage bins and drawers. Consequently, if you need more storage for little odds and ends outside of magnetic strips and kitchen jars, consider adding a pegboard with detachable container bins. Pegboards expand your storage options and allow you to store more tools. 

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Cool Garage Ideas #6: Shelves, Racks, and Cabinets

Any garage storage project has to involve shelves––and many shelves there are, ranging from wall shelves, to stand-alone shelves, to ceiling shelves. With a DIY project or DIY idea, you can build these shelves from wood and screws. But if you shop around, you’ll probably notice that shelving systems range from $100 and up. IKEA even has several lines of affordable garage shelving. Whatever your budget, you can find different types of shelves for various items in your garage, even for DIY ideas.

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Storage ideas for your garage should try to maximize all the space of your garage––walls and ceilings included. 

There are many cool garage ideas out there that include DIY ideas. Again, whether you’re focusing on garage layout ideas, or garage cabinet ideas, all garage organization tips and tricks involve a little time and effort. 

The time you spend on these activities can be moments of joy and freedom. As you sort through memories, perhaps your garage organization journey will become a memory of its own. Keepy wishes you and your family a fun, meaningful, and enriching experience as you sort through your garage clutter with these cool garage ideas!


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