We have great news for you: saving & sharing your family’s memories can help your kids grow into happy, healthy adults. No Joke!

In a recent article in the WSJ it states that research has shown that

“Children who have the ability to recall and make sense of memories from daily life—the first day of preschool, the time the cat died—can use them to better develop a sense of identity, form relationships and make sound choices in adolescence and adulthood…”

Keepy is all about keeping those moments. The article also states…

“Children whose parents encourage reminiscing and storytelling about daily events show better coping and problem-solving skills by their preteens, and fewer symptoms of depression, research shows.”

You can do all that with our voiceover and video feature.

Keepy is thrilled to learn that we’re not only helping families save and share memories, but we’re helping kids create a sense of personal identity, guide their behavior and learn to bond with others. Talk about a Win/Win!

So take time this week to save some memories to Keepy. You’ll be preserving amazing times, as well as raising amazing kids.

Keep on Keepying On.